“Like you, I have been affected personally by government bureaucracy and know things must change. As your mayor, we will help turn our city around and begin the process of rebuilding this city as it was years ago. Pascagoula will be more business friendly and dedicated to supporting new generations of residents. I personally ask for your vote.“  -Dane Maxwell


Dane Maxwell announces campaign for Pascagoula Mayor

Pascagoula – Pascagoula native, Dane Maxwell, 52, announces his campaign for Pascagoula Mayor in the Republican Primary. Maxwell graduated from Pascagoula High School in 1981, worked at Ingalls Shipbuilding as an Outside Machinist Apprentice and attended Jackson County Junior College. Maxwell served in the US Marine corps, served 20 years in law enforcement and created several successful businesses.

Maxwell said, “after talking with my family and friends, I have decided to run for Mayor of my hometown. I have been successful in business by creating several companies and I co-founded a successful business in Pascagoula with my brother which still operates here today.”

Maxwell’s experience in managing government agencies and creating jobs in the private sector uniquely qualifies him for the position of Mayor. “I have been affected personally by government bureaucracy, understand tax burdens on businesses and I’ve signed paychecks for employees. Driving around town and seeing vacant buildings, empty lots and hundreds of houses for sale, I feel strongly my experience will help turn Pascagoula around and begin the process of rebuilding our city as it was years ago. Today we begin the new journey together where we become business friendly, where great customer service and respect from our public employees will be demanded and where our city officials will focus on ways to encourage new businesses by removing the unnecessary obstacles for new businesses. Not only do we as leaders have to make the city appealing, we have to make sure we support new families who want to raise their children here and older families who want to come here to retire.”

Maxwell is the son of former Mayor, Robbie Maxwell. Maxwell is married to Biloxi native Donna Brockmeyer Maxwell and they have 3 girls. For more information on the campaign, please visit www.danemaxwellformayor.com. The Republican Primary is on May 2nd.

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Just to keep the citizens of Pascagoula informed, at tonight's council meeting, a resolution was introduced to approve an increase of Pascagoula's millage by 3.96. This millage is totally because of an increase brought on by the Pascagoula Gautier School District. I want to let you know that I do not support any tax increase. However, because by law, we are required to approve this, I did vote in favor of this, under protest, as did several of your council members. I felt that you, the tax paying public, should be made aware that as of 1-1-2018, the millage increase will take effect. Please share. ...

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